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Anybody home?

I know this comm has been a bit quiet, but is anybody still watching, I could really use a HUGE favor.

Can anybody make THIS image large enough to fit nicely on a 4x6" baby shower invite? I'd epic appreciate it.
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Background colour[s]: none
Border: no
Border colour: n/a
Border thickness: n/a
Text on banner: friends only (all lowercase letters)
Where the text goes: top right
Font style: italic vivaldi for each font color and italic monotype corsiva for each font color...
Font colour: one of each font black, one of each font white, and one of each font #333333
Include username on banner: no
Want us to be creative?: no, thanks:)
Additional information: (just so you're not confused, i want to clarify: could you please send me six copies? one for each combination. thank you so much! i hope i'm not being too confusing.:/
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Images: ; ; ; ; ;
Main Color Scheme: black and white or color
Font: Times New Roman
Font color: #FFFFFF
Text(What you want it to say?): You gave me peace in a lifetime of war.
Size (pixel size if possible): any as long as it is a good header size
Any effects: animations, etc: 00:59-1:04 at
Examples: my other 2!!! :)
Anything else?: customize it with my name please! and blend the pics
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