Amy (scarlett71177) wrote in 01bannerrequest,


Hi there, I have a request for a rpg community I'm particpating in.  I guess it's more of a photoshop request than anything else.  (I hope that's all right.)

Image[s]:  HERE and HERE
Background colour[s]: [here]  (the background of pic 2, if possible
Border: [yes/no? Description if needed.]  Sure, anything really- whatever looks good
Border colour: [here]
Border thickness:  med. width
Text on banner:  yes please- Remus and Tonks
Where the text goes: [right, center, top, etc.]  Lower left or right
Font style: [Verdana, Kristen ITC, whatever]  Vivaldi
Font colour: [here] whatever looks good
Include username on banner: [if yes, specify username] No thank you
Want us to be creative?:  YES PLEASE, have fun!!!
Additional information:  I kind of envisioned him standing behind her, but if it can't work that way- no grumbles! ;-)

Thank you SOOOO much.  If there are any questions please feel free to ask.

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