Jade E. E. N. Kadir (jade_kadir) wrote in 01bannerrequest,
Jade E. E. N. Kadir

Mistress has a request

I have a pretty simple request if any talented individual feels like filling it. Thank you in advance.

Image[s]: http://i6.photobucket.com/albums/y206/Jade_Kadir/TheTemptress.jpg
Background colour[s]: [9900CC]
Border: [yes/no? Description if needed.] Dealer's Choice
Border colour: Dealer's Choice
Border thickness: Dealer's Choice
Text on banner: Mistress says this dungeon is Friends Only
Submit to be allowed entry
Where the text goes: [right, center, top, etc.] Along the bottom
Font style: Old English Text MT [from Microsoft Word] - (18 point font is easiest to read) - {Or one of these Old English Fonts}
Font colour: White [FFFFFF] if on the actual picture, black [000000] if on the background.
Include username on banner: Yes [jade_kadir]
Want us to be creative?: Yes
Additional information: I would like the full image to be depicted, but other touches may be added at the artist's discretion such as filters or other effects. If you feel a border would be appropriate, feel free. I couldn't think of one I wanted in particular, but I'm not an artists by any means. Just make it look nice and I'll be happy. Thank you.

Of course credit to the artist will go prominantly on my user info. If you want to check my info please do. I gave credit for all my icons and my mood theme, so I'm quite reliable in that fashion. Please help me out.
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