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Request your banner!

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All Members , Moderated

01bannerrequest currently does not have any mods or maintainers; it's up to you to keep this community alive and well. Post a request, fill a request, or just submit your own collection of original banners!

Please post all requests in a new post, and not as a reply in someone else's post.

Background colour[s]: [here]
Border: [yes/no? Description if needed.]
Border colour: [here]
Border thickness:
Text on banner:
Where the text goes: [right, center, top, etc.]
Font style: [Verdana, Kristen ITC, whatever]
Font colour: [here]
Include username on banner: [if yes, specify username]
Want us to be creative?:
Additional information:

NOTES: Please put any requests or banners under the lj cut. No one likes to wait for hundreds of images [especially large ones] to load. If you don't know how to use the lj-cut, go here.

If someone has not filled out your request, DO NOT take it to their personal journals or AIM. No one likes that, and it probably won't result in the banner getting done any quicker.

Upload your banners to your own image host. If you're looking for a free, reliable image host, go here.

Please do not go advertising other communites in here, unless it is a new banner/graphics community.

Credit is required for all banners, unless otherwise stated. You can credit the maker in text, or just use one of the link buttons below. To find out how to properly credit without the link buttons, please look here.

Just copy the code below the button you want and paste it into your post, user info, etc. Uploading the button to your own server is encouraged, but not required.

Got a question? Send them to aka_kittkatt.